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Are you looking to be set free?

We all are! It’s so easy to get stuck: stuck in our emotions (so we ‘eat’ them), stuck in the busy lifestyle (so we take no time for ourselves), stuck in old and bad habits (so we make excuses).

But you CAN be set free to change and walk into a healthy and healing lifestyle.

SET FREE IN 2023 Summit will help you figure out how!

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This is an ONLINE Summit

All training sessions will be posted to the Facebook group early in the day. Plus there will be a Facebook LIVE Q&A in the group each evening. (replays of the LIVE Q&A will also be available in the group).

Join in from the comfort of your own home.

What you can expect


Set Free to Lead

Coach Sarah Truitt

MONDAY 12/26

It took me going on my own journey to realize it was time to help others TRAIN into who God is calling them to be; by learning and leaning into your God given call to lead! We are all leaders to someone and I want to help draw out the leader inside of you and build your confidence that you are called and highly favored. Let me strengthen you with practical tools to help you take action steps to becoming the best leader you can be in all areas of your life.  You my friend are being Set Free to lead! 

Set Free From Food Deprivation

Coach Linda Johnson


We all enjoy food and are naturally drawn to tastes we have come to love. Many people start the THM lifestyle hoping they will not have to be deprived of enjoying their favorite tastes. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that is not the case with this lifestyle way of eating! I look forward to sharing with you how you too can eat healthy for a lifetime while being Set Free from that feeling of Food Deprivation!

Set Free From Food Addiction

Coach KJ York


Food addiction is something I know a thing or two about! Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing disorder characterized by compulsive seeking and use of drug of choice (in this case food) despite adverse consequences. Does that sound like you? “Continuing to see unhealthy food despite adverse consequences” could be my bio. Join me as talk about what food addiction looks like, means, and how to be SET FREE from it!

Set Free From Sabotaging Thoughts that Keep You Stuck & Frustrated

Head Coach Kris Honeycutt


Are you ready to get off the dieting roller coaster, be consistent, and cultivate patience and hope on your weight loss and health journey?

I’ve got the keys for your freedom!

Set Free to Eat Like a Man

Coach Derek Drummond

FRIDAY 12/30

I recall diet after diet and the feeling of being deprived. I was able to stick to a diet for a time, but then everything came back on. Eating Trim and Healthy is truly food freedom and we are free to eat meat and ‘man-sized’ meals. We do it with gusto, intelligence, and a positive mindset. I invite you to join me in this step of the journey as we eat the hearty meal and take on life’s challenges. We will partner in the journey and establish our vision to be Set Free in 2023.

Training followed by Q&A

We are offering a fantastic Question & Answer time for you with each coach!

A Facebook LIVE session will follow each coach training. Be sure and write down your questions as you watch each training and take advantage of their expertise in this great opportunity for you to be Set Free in 2023!! A replay will also be available if you can’t make the LIVE!

Our Coaches

(in no particular order)

5 THM coaches have joined together to share their expertise, experience to help you find YOUR easy way to health and fitness this year!

Coach KJ

Coach KJ

Hey Hey! I’m Coach KJ from Joyful Life with KJ. I started my journey to health when I was 5 years old and people said I “had a big butt”. I’ve “chased skinny” my entire life. It wasn’t until I made the decision to go 100% on plan that my journey made a major shift. Now I coach other mamas how to passionately pursue their health with JOY!

Head Coach Kris

Head Coach Kris

Hi, I am Head THM Coach Kris Honeycutt and I have been on plan since the beginning of THM. I have 9 kids and two grandchildren. I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for over 30 years and I am passionate about educating and coaching women on how to get healthy, fit and strong!

Coach Linda

Coach Linda

I’m Linda Johnson and over 9 years ago I began the THM lifestyle at age 53 after being overweight for over 20 years. Now in my 5th year as a Certified Coach, I’m even more passionate about living this Trim Healthy lifestyle as I’ve been sharing it with hundreds of women. I also stay busy with my family of 7 children, my husband of 44 years, and we look forward to our 20th grandchild in 2023.

Coach Derek

Coach Derek

Hi, I’m Coach Derek Drummond, a.k.a. ‘Trim Healthy Papa.’ I began my Trim Healthy journey in February 2018 and became a coach in June of 2019. I spent over half my life overweight and am blessed to be in the hundred-pound losers club. I am so thankful for my new life and eagerly encourage, educate and partner with people so that they can have their better life.

Coach Sarah Truitt

Coach Sarah

Hi I’m Coach Sarah!

I live in Minnesota with my husband, Richard, 5 of our 6 children and my parents. It is an honor to live with multi-generations. I have learned what love and forgiveness truly looks like and this has propelled me to find my purpose to empower, equip and encourage woman to change. This started with me changing me. My 80 lb. weight loss journey has been a stepping stone to rising to my God given potential.  I have been walking out my faith and health journey and now get the opportunity to teach others how to do the same with strength and confidence and our God given inner leadership. 

Words From Past Summit Clients

Your Transformation Starts Here

Gather knowledge and wisdom from these 5 coaches to be SET FREE IN 2023!

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