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Coach KJ

Hi, I’m KJ and I’m a food addict. Or…at least I was! Today I’m not only a THM Lifestyle Coach and Certified Nutrition Coach , but also a Professional Food Addiction Coach. I’m walking out of that label and into freedom. My passion in life was Poptarts and Hot Pockets. My passion today is helping other mamas unlock their AMAZING potential for a healthy life and break the chains of food addiction. 

Topic: Science Behind Food Addiction

Food addiction is rampant everywhere you look. It’s impacting everyone, young and old alike. I always thought of food addiction as an inability to control my impulses. What I’ve learned though is that the science behind addiction not only changes how I perceive it, but how I break the chains of it. Let’s talk about the science behind food addiction!

Coach Linda

Head Coach Kris

I’m Head Coach Kris! I have a deep passion for educating and coaching, and have dedicated my life to helping women achieve their health and fitness goals. My expertise with the Trim Healthy Mama plan combined with an extensive knowledge of fitness and hormones make me the go-to expert for women in midlife & beyond seeking transformative results. 

Topic: Midlife weightloss - Mastering the Puzzle

Losing weight after the age of 40 can feel like putting together a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. Join Coach Kris as she reveals the causes of midlife weight gain, why losing belly fat is hard and what you can do about it. Discover the pieces you are missing to lose weight and master the puzzle of shedding belly fat.

Coach Linda

Coach Linda

I’m Linda Johnson and almost 10 years ago I began the THM lifestyle at age 53 after
being overweight & dieting for over 20 years. Now in my 5th year as a Certified Coach, I’m even more passionate about living this Trim Healthy lifestyle as I’ve been sharing it with hundreds of women. I also stay busy with my husband of 44 years, our 7 adult kids, 5 kids-in-law, and our 20 grandchildren.

Topic: THM To Go Bag

When we are in our own home with plans and ideas for our food we can more easily
stay on plan and prepare what we are intending to have. But then…life happens.
Suddenly all our plans are no longer going to work. Perhaps a family emergency or any
unexpected event. What’s a Trim Healthy Mama to do? I will be answering that very
thing for you and I can’t wait to show you what little bit of preparation you can put into
place to have yourself always ready for whatever life brings your way!

coach Sarah headshot

Coach Sarah

Hi I’m Coach Sarah!  I’ve been a THM for 10 years, coaching for 5.  I am passionate about helping you become a better YOU, so you can lead the next generation.  With 6 kids and a busy life, I know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Not only will this bless you, but generations to come! Together we can change the next generation!  

Topic: Label Reading Mini Masterclass

Label reading can be a tricky thing these days.  I’m excited to share my passion for reading labels with you and teach you some important short cuts in my “label reading mini masterclass!”  Let’s get reading and mastering those labels!  

Meet The Coaches

Their Bio & Their Topics

Coach JJ

Coach JJ

About Coach JJ

I’m Coach JJ a 45 year old wife to Red (26 years) and the mother of two (empty-nester) living in SW Mississippi. I discovered the THM plan 6+ years ago and lost 25 pounds rather easily but then got complacent and settled at that loss. In 2021, I decided that I was ready to step it up and implement all I knew to kickstart more weight loss. I have seen significant changes in my personal health and weight. I wanted to share my journey with others as a coach. I’ve now lost 40 lbs and I’m still reaching new goals!

Topic: Travel with Coach JJ

Do you love to travel? I do! Whether it’s camping with my family, solo Disney trips, or road trips with my husband, I am always on the go! The tips and tricks I’ll share will show you that you can take THM anywhere. Most of these tips can even be applied in everyday locations like work lunches, school pick up lines, or ball practice with the kids.

Coach Deborah image

Coach Debbie Martin

About Coach Debbie

I am Coach Debbie, a wife and mother who’s struggled with weight issues since adolescence, leading to an unhealthy relationship with food, but most importantly, myself. I surrendered my health to God in 2019 when I heard Him call my name to run out of the graves of self-sabotaging thoughts and trust the process of learning to live a healthy life. I am committed to helping women identify their graves of self-sabotaging thoughts as we journey the THM plan together.

Topic: The Long Game (Defeating self-sabotaging thoughts)

I can help you to identify common self-sabotaging thinking that can derail you which is often why we feel failure, struggling with what success looks like. When you hear Him call you out of the grave to live life abundantly & healthily, mountains will move and the seas will part. So, come on, let’s RUN OUT OF THAT GRAVE!

Coach Amy Gaskin

Coach Amy Gaskin

About Coach Amy

I’m Coach Amy and I have been following the Trim Healthy Lifestyle since January 2017 & became a THM coach in September 2019. I offer 1-on-1, group coaching, and master classes. The Trim Healthy Plan may seem overwhelming at first glance, this is why education and support are so important! I absolutely love my job, sharing THM, and helping ladies meet their health goals.

Topic: Help With Hashi

Could you use a few tips to Support Your Hashimoto’s Diagnosis? Join me as I discuss my journey, how THM has supported my body, and simple ways to nourish your adrenals, manage stress and reduce inflammation.

Coach Elizabeth Murphy

Coach Elizabeth Murphy

About Coach Elizabeth

I am Coach Elizabeth As a 7 year Trim Healthy veteran who has lost 45 pounds, I hate to cook but eating is my favorite!  Married 25 years with 2 kids and on the verge of being an empty nest.

Topic: Kick Sugar to the Curb

Learn how to kick sugar out of your life as pain free as possible, and kick your health in gear.

Coach Angela Mollet

Coach Angela Mollet

About Coach Angela

I am Coach Angela with Trim Through Grace LLC.  Through my coaching, I want to help and encourage ladies like me.  I have been living with PCOS for 18 years.  I have also been dairy free/light for over 16 years due to allergies and inflammation. I am a 7 year THM, the last 2 being at goal weight.

Topic: THM with PCOS

If you have PCOS it does not have to define who you!  Knowing you are not alone and there are others like you that are struggling too.  Understanding your symptoms and how to manage them can go a long way towards making progress in your Trim Healthy journey.

Coach Charity Ingleright

Coach Charity Ingleright

About Coach Charity

I am Coach Charity, 48-year-old mother of five and a Glamma! Health became my passion 17 years ago when I had a three-week-old, sick, baby and my dad needed kidney dialysis to stay alive.  My entire family changed our way of life to live!  I am a 10-year TH veteran and have been coaching three years. 

Topic: Fountain of Youth
  • Healthy Hair
  • Healthy Skin
  • Healthy Armpits 
I will discuss what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, toxic ingredients, face washing, exfoliating, moisturizing, sun care and ways to take care of our largest organ.
Coach Seleena Moore pic

Coach Seleena Moore

About Coach Seleena

I am Coach Seleena, since beginning my THM journey in June 2021, I have had numerous life changing victories – I want that for you as well! I love providing my clients with the motivation, encouragement and tools they need to succeed on their journey to better health. I have been blessed to create a low-cost membership/accountability group where clients can come and stay for as long as they need. I have loved seeing the progress and transformations in this group!

Topic: Pantry, Fridge & Freezer Prep and Organization

Set yourself up for success by utilizing your time and space wisely. Let me show you a few ways that you can eliminate stress when it comes to preparing your meals. Time is precious, don’t waste it spending hours in the kitchen!

coach lisa d'orazio headshot

Coach Lisa D'Orazio

About Coach Lisa

I’m Coach Lisa. Using THM for the past 8 years, and eliminating a number of trigger foods including dairy and gluten, I’m halfway through my weight loss journey, having lost 50 pounds so far!  I empower people with chronic health conditions to use wellness techniques to feel better without letting the effort take over their lives.  My approach is different because I have several autoimmune conditions myself, so I understand the balance of effort versus fatigue, and keep things SUPER simple!  

Topic: Dairy Free Made Simple

What does it mean to be dairy free, and how do you do that and still love life?  Trim Healthy Mama, minus dairy, is possible without having to buy all sorts of weird stuff!  I’ll show you what it looks like and some ideas to keep it SUPER simple.

Coach Christina Ryan headshot

Coach Christina Ryan

About Coach Christina

Hi, I’m Christina, and I help busy moms understand and live the THM lifestyle in an easy way. As a busy homeschooling mom of two and a business owner, I know what it’s like to juggle multiple priorities and still want to prioritize my health. I want to help moms find simple and effective ways to live the Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle.

Topic: Food Prep On a Budget

Discover how to maximize your savings while following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle with smart food prep on a budget. Learn practical tips and tricks for meal planning and utilizing affordable ingredients to nourish your body and stay on track with THM.

Coach Shannon Fox headshot

Coach Shannon Fox

About Coach Shannon

Coach Mama Fox helps ladies over 40 get UNstuck, live vibrantly, and age well with an anti-inflammatory approach to THM. She has spent over a decade focused on beating down inflammation, healing her gut, naturally managing her arthritis, and improving her sleep & stress management.  She loves teaching, encouraging, and supporting mamas in these areas through workshops, master classes, courses, and group coaching.

Topic: SOS - Stressed Out & Sleepless

We all know that stress and poor sleep are things we want to avoid, but their impact is deeper than simply feeling grumpy and tired.  Let’s take a look at what’s actually being compromised by chronic stress and sleep issues, ways we can prevent problems, as well as practical strategies for improving our stress management and sleep quality.

Coach Deann Nielsen headshot

Coach Deann Nielsen

About Coach Deann

Hello mamas! I am Coach Deann and I’ve been a Trim Healthy Mama for five years and have been a THM Coach for the past two years. I’ve lost 100+ pounds while doing THM and started focusing on gut health a few years ago after seeing the heartbreak of some loved ones who were going through cognitive issues. I coach mamas on how to begin improving their gut health while doing THM. I also teach women how to make fermented foods and drinks that will help to improve their overall gut health and provide them with the opportunity for more energy, clearer skin, decreased mood shifts, less anxiety and more.

Topic: The Importance of Gut Health on Your THM Journey

Maintaining a healthy gut is crucial for your overall health journey. We’ll talk about the why, and how the foundation of a healthy gut sets you up for success as a Trim Healthy Mama.

Coach Molly

Coach Molly Miller

About Coach Molly

My name is Molly Miller & I’ve been doing THM for over 9 years, coaching for 5. I love the food freedom THM gives, especially after being a chronic dieter most of my life. I specialize in meal planning and mindset. I enjoy simplifying meal planning for other THMers because keeping it simple has been the only way for it to be sustainable for me & I like to help others see how easy it can be. Mindset is my other focus because I feel that finding emotional freedom with food is essential in having true food freedom & in making THM a lifestyle. As a reformed emotional eater, I’ll be teaching my tips and tricks to conquer emotional eating this session. 

Topic: Emotional Eating

Emotional eating was something I struggled with for years. I learned to manage my emotional eating and heal my relationship with food which allowed me to have mindset freedom along with the food freedom THM gives us. I will give you the tips and tricks that helped me overcome emotional eating once and for all so you can start the healing process for yourself. 

Coach Rose Pepper

Coach Rose Pepper

About Coach Rose

I’m Coach Rose Pepper, a Texas A&M graduate, political activist, Christian wife and mother to three children. I’ve been a THM for 7.5 years and a certified coach for over 3 of those. I’ve coached hundreds of women on healthy living & made the decision that something needed to change after seeing a picture of myself. As I stepped on the scale to see that number that I didn’t think my 5’4’’ body would ever hit, I knew SOMETHING needed to change. After failed fad diet after failed fad diet, I finally read the THM plan book! I’vve lost over 65lbs and believe that you CAN find health too. 

Topic: Overcoming Obstacles
Committing to the THM way of eating doesn’t mean that struggles magically fall away! How do we respond to our goals when health problems manifest, schedules are packed, relationships are in question, we move homes, travel around the world, partake in girls nights, or stressful family dynamics arise? How do we continue moving forward into the healthy life that we desire and our families deserve when we are too consumed in the mundane to make time for the important? Allow me to share with you what overcoming obstacles with a focused mindset can look like. I’ll share how I chose health during stressful and uncertain seasons. 
If you’re waiting to get in the game when things to settle down, you’ll be waiting on the sidelines of life until your time on earth has ended. It’s time that we shout to the world as we run into the game, “we’re overcomers.” Join me.
Coach Shea Wilson

Coach Shea Wilson

About Coach Shea

I am Coach Shea of Graceful Healing for Your Family. I am a Trim Healthy Mama veteran of six years and became a coach in 2019. My focus is on women and their families with an emphasis on easy, family-
friendly meals with very little special ingredients.

Topic: Fuel Cycle

I will be talking about the fuel cycle, what it is, why someone might want to do it and 
different than a typical THM day might be.

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