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Meet Your Summit Coaches

Coach KJ

Coach KJ

Meet Coach KJ York,  your dedicated food addiction, Trim Healthy Lifestyle, nutrition and life coach.  She is passionate about guiding you towards sustainable wellness through healthy habits.  Her mission is to empower people to embrace their healthy, support them in overcoming food addiction and maintaining a balanced, nourishing lifestyle for the long-term, all while finding a little joy and laughter along the way. KJ runs Joyful Life withKJ full time and has 4 additional coaches as part of the team ready to support you

Topic: Ignite Your Creativity

Join me for this topic that will dive into the art of simplifying complex family-size recipes into easy, single-serve meals personalized just for you. Discover innovative techniques and strategies to streamline your cooking experience while savoring delicious and nutritious dishes designed for one.

Coach Linda

Head Coach Kris

I’m Head Coach Kris! I have a deep passion for educating and coaching, and have dedicated my life to helping women achieve their health and fitness goals. My expertise with the Trim Healthy Mama plan combined with an extensive knowledge of fitness and hormones make me the go-to expert for women in midlife & beyond seeking transformative results. 

Topic: Ignite Your Muscles with Protein

Easy Hacks for Trim Healthy Mama Ladies with Coach Kris! 

Are you ready to take your muscle nourishment to the next level? Join us on an exciting journey as we explore the power of protein.  In this illuminating session, we’ll unveil effortless hacks to amp up your protein intake and invigorate those muscles like never before.

Coach Linda

Coach Linda

Coach Linda Johnson began her Trim Healthy journey over 10 years ago, at the age of 53 after being overweight & dieting for over 20 years. Now in her 6th year as a Certified Coach, she is even more passionate about living the Trim Healthy lifestyle and loves sharing it with hundreds of women. She also stays busy with her husband of 45 years, 7 adult kids, 5 kids-in-law, and  20 grandchildren.

Topic: Ignite Your Weight Loss

Experienced at implementing ways to naturally boost GLP-1 hormone through simple dietary adjustments and healthy lifestyle habits, in line with the Trim Healthy lifestyle. Whether you are taking GLP-1 Therapies or looking for Natural GLP-1, get ready to ignite your success! 

Coach Sarah

Coach Sarah

Meet Coach Sarah Truitt, your Go-To Guide for health, wellness, and personal growth! Life in Minnesota is a beautiful chaos that she absolutely adores, juggling the roles of devoted wife, proud mom of six amazing kids, and passionate entrepreneur. From chauffeuring her kids to their activities to coaching others on embracing a vibrant lifestyle as a Trim Healthy and John Maxwell leadership coach, she is all about finding that perfect balance between family, work, and self-care. Her mission is to work together to make a difference in the lives of others by adding value to ourselves, empowering us to pour into others. 

Topic: Ignite Your Fitness

Easy hacks to get you moving and get results! 

Get ready to Ignite Your Fitness! Dive into easy, step-by-step hacks designed to kickstart your fitness journey or take it to the next level. No matter where you’re at, these practical and doable tools will elevate your fitness game. Consistency is the key, and I can’t wait to empower you with the knowledge to make it happen!

Coach Jen

Coach Jen

Coach Jen teaches busy women how to get on plan, stay on plan, and reach their trim and healthy goals.

On plan since 2012 and a Certified THM Coach since the coaching program opened in 2018, she has had thousands of busy women come through her Six Week THM Bootcamp and learn how to make real progress – the easy way!

Topic: Ignite Your Meal Prep

Easy hacks for keeping meal prep simple. 

 Through simple meal prep strategies, you can learn how to make staying on plan doable for the long haul – even if you don’t have time or energy.

Coach Shannon

Coach Shannon

Meet Coach Mama Fox who feels better at 50 than she did in her 30s — and she wants that for you, too!  As an 11 year THM veteran, she’s spent her 40s working diligently on her health from the inside-out, celebrating healing victories along the way – and she’s not done yet!  There’s always more to learn and tweak, and Mama Fox loves sharing these new findings with the mamas in her communities.  Her desire is to bring HOPE to the over 40 & beyond mama and show that aging WELL is not only doable, but fun and exciting along the way!

Topic: Ignite Your Food Peace

Struggling to find satisfaction with your meals?  Wondering how to finally feel full and stop thinking about food in between meals?  Ready to IGNITE your fullness, your focus and your FOOD PEACE?!  I cannot wait to share with you how just a few simple tweaks can make a HUGE impact in your entire day and ultimately…. your waste-line too!

Words From Past Summit Clients

Your Transformation Starts Here

Let each of these 6 coaches teach, inspire and motivate you to Jump Into the Fire of the Best You in 2024!

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